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[Rumour] Bane attacks Wayne?

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[Rumour] Bane attacks Wayne?

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:03 am

A recent tweet by someone over at []Batman-News[/url] sugggests that Bane way well attack Bruce Wayne outside of his Batman identity. The twitterer stated that:

I got some snaps of Wayne/Bane falling out of a window in a Croydon office block last night (2 June) Apparently this is a hospital set. A long wait for some ok shots.

Croydon was actually looking good too, who'd have thunk it?

Of course,without any photos this is nothing more than a rumour.
But if it is true,how does this impact what we already know?
The idea of Bruce being thrown out of a hospital could mean that Bane knows Waynes true identity.
Could this have anything to do with the news we posted earlier that Alfred is supposedly hospitalised?
Or,is it much more likely that it is infact Bane whos falling out of a window?
Bane would almost certainly survive a moderate drop,couldn't he?
Surely Wayne falling from a window would mean the end for Batman?

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