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The Dark Knight Rises Opening Sequence Revealed?

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The Dark Knight Rises Opening Sequence Revealed?

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:56 pm

According to ,we may have found the opening sequence to The Dark Knight Rises!

Brecon Beacons in Wales is to be used as the new waterfall entrance to a rebuilt Batcave that will be used for the opening sequence of The Dark Knight Rises. Apparently the scene will involve Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne ‘discovering’ his new cave, the interiors of which have been built on a sound stage in Los Angeles.

The Batcave is of course a massive part of The Caped Crusader’s mythology and was a memorable setting in Batman Begins, which similarly had a waterfall entrance.

One insider who witnessed the filming said: “They were there for a couple of days just a few weeks ago. I understand it’s going to be used in the opening sequence of the film, as Batman discovers the Batcave.

Could this be the opening sequence to the much anticipated TDKR?


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