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Nolanverse Villains

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Nolanverse Villains

Post by The Joker on Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:47 am

So all in all over the course of four movies (one being a possibly out of canon but considered canon animated film) we got...

Ra's Al Ghul in Batman Begins and a minor ghost cameo in Dark Knight Rises.

Pretty much as good as you can get with a realistic interpretation of him. Excellent, though not as good as Joker or Bane.

Falcone in BB.

Scarecrow in Batman Begins, Gotham Knight, Dark Knight, and Dark Knight Rises

Great, my fav version of Scarecrow.

Zsasz in Begins.

Okay, for a cameo but not much to say.

Killer Croc in Gotham Knight

Again like Zsasz okay.

Deadshot/Barsad in Gotham Knight and Dark Knight Rises

I liked this guy in his appearances quite a bit, he has a sort of a-hole quality to him.

Some dude called the Man in Black back in Gotham Knight that may or may not be a version of Firefly.

The Russian/Chechen in Gotham Knight and Dark Knight.

Always liked this guy.

Joker in Dark Knight

Excellent, nothing remains to be said.

Sal Maroni in Dark Knight

A ahole, but not responsible for Dent as he was in comics..

Lau in Dark Knight.


Mr. Reese in Dark Knight.

Like a reference to the Riddler, I guess. He made a good cameo if he was him.

Two-Face in Dark Knight

Excellent, I think he got the character down. More about chance than gimmicky duality, and he has the stance and is just as serious and driven as Two-Face should be, and much more work was put into him as Dent than the prior movie incarnation, whom Eckhart's stands above, far above. He's a great though overshadowed villain, and some of the best scenes in the series came just from him.

Dagget in DKR.

Bane in Dark Knight Rises

He is terrific as Bane, and out of all the animated/game/movie versions the definite closest to the one in the comics. He maintains a balance between a jovial mocking orator and a beast with total disregard for life except the only person he loves.

Catwoman in DKR

Great, excellently well portrayed, the best version of her yet.

And finally Talia in Dark Knight Rises

Alright and it's good to see the main villain a woman in a superhero movie, but suffered from poor screentime in the reveal and some acting issues.

Pretty satisfying lot, if I say so myself. I consider them all to be wonderfully portrayed (except for maybe the last) and quite honestly plain better than what we got in the Burton/Batnipples franchise, and no sign of anything like Harley Quinn (whom I consider a crap character).
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